What Is My IP Address?

WhatIsMyIPAddress is a tool to let you find the geographic location through your own or desired IP address with country, city, zipcode, latitude, longitude, isp, timezone, organization of holding that IP address, and DNS records for domain names including name servers. Its an IP-to-location tool comes with various features to determine the exact possible location of the given IPs and Domains.

How to Find DNS Records

WhatIsMyIP Address helps users to check out the DNS records for the given domain names and find out the location by getting the IP address using the IP2Location tool. Please keep in mind that "My IP Address" is not always generating accurate location through given IPs, it gives the nearest possible location with maps.

what is ip address

How IP Address Works

IP stands for (Internet Protocol) which identifies hardware devices on your computer or a network. The IP addresses give access to the devices which connect to a local network or the internet for data packet transfer from one place to another. On dynamic IP routers the internet accessing IP changes from time to time specifically when you turn off and turn on your modem router and some various services it stays static and cannot be changed, for example, if you want to run your private network to share your data or files with the world you need to have a static IP from any ISP provider to make your IP available and accessible to the world online, whereas the dynamic IP address use to access the websites over the internet and if that IP does not change after a while so most of the sites block the access to that IP because they consider it as a robot and block the access to their site for a certain duration of time.