Facebook video downloader is a free and easy tool to download unlimited videos from FB using HD quality and it can convert the best mp4 along with the audio to suit your needs.

What is Facebook

Facebook is a top and everyone's choice of social media platform where people explore, meet, entertain and exchange knowledge of anything according to their interests, Facebook has played a big role in social awareness and let the world connect with different nations and people from any part of the world and region can have their meaningful time while staying online at the website or mobile app.

How to Download FaceBook Videos

Our Facebook video download tool is built with a smooth and simple mechanism you just need to grab the FB video link from anywhere paste into the search box above and press start, you're done.

Can We Download Facebook Live Videos

The answer is YES! you can download Facebook live videos as soon as the live broadcast stream ends, then you just need to get that video link and use the same procedure as described above.

Does It Require to Login into Facebook

No, our FB video downloading tool is quite simple, you just need to have a valid facebook video URL to paste inside the search box above and hit the blue button and that's it.

Why Facebook Downloader

Face book download tool allows you to convert and download any video which is hosted on Facebook in video form which is playable and can be streamed online and you can store your favorite videos on your pc, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet for free of cost just by using our Facebook download tool.