IP to location is a best and free tool to find a location of your desired IP address with our fastest geographic searching mechanism to locate or trace the location of an IP address with the live google map option for better overview. User can have an unlimited attempts to find locations by using IP addresses one by one. Currently we do not have any kind of limit for using our IP2Location tool.

Find a location by IP address
Ip2Location is a useful tool for finding the IP addresses of servers and other locations in the network. Find the IP address of any server or other IP address(s) in an active range, ip2location uses i2p and DNS to find locations.

Will look for information about local databases, for example. localhost. databases. Ip2Location finds all information on a private database and the information found has location information.

For example.
ip2location -i
Find IP address by type of hostname
The above command will find that the IP address of any machine is In the search box provided by the system. ip2location -i
Find IP address by country
You can also find the IP address of any other country by using this command. The output of this command will be displayed like the one below.
ip2location -i
Find IP address by domain name
To display the IP address of a particular domain. If it is not specified then i2p will use any other name as a possible IP address.